Marvel Movie Review Sample

When you think of a Marvel movie, typically what comes to mind is action packed battles, epic special effects, and underline political commentary. The last one may be a stretch, however this is the case in the hit Marvel movie Ant-Man. The audience is introduced to our protagonist, Scott Lang, who is currently being held in jail for burglary. Fear not however, for it is his last day in the brink. From here an old prison buddy gives him a ride to his apartment, which is located in a beat down neighborhood, similar to a ghetto. Scott is forced to get a minimum wage job at Baskin Robbins, however he gets fired for having a felony and is forced to turn back to his old criminal ways. This is the perfect example of how the United States jail system actually works. Although I am very patriotic I can still come to terms and realize that the U.S. prison system is completely based on keeping people inside of prison. This is proven by the way we use private prisons, the poor conditions of normal prisons, and the rough life outside of prison According to an article ran by ACLU called “Private Prisons” nearly 3/4 of all prisoners are held in private, corporately owned prisons, who profit from high prisoner count and the length of their sentence. This being the more prisoners you hold, and the longer they stay there, the more money the government gives the company. This has led to cases of judges being bribed to give max sentence so the jails get more money. The worst part about this is that the quality of life is worse and the reform systems set in place have shown very little evidence of actually working.

The alternative to private prisons are government run prisons, which aren’t that much better. Due to the American peoples anti-tax ways, there are many prisons that suffer from overcrowding and low staff count. This creates an unsafe and unsanitary environment for both the guards and prisoners alike. According to in an article titled “Underfunded, overcrowded state prisons struggle with reform” the low guard count leads to new guards to being forced to work horrible hours making them leave faster, just another cyclical process in our jail system. Once the atrocity of prison time is over, prisoners go into a new kind of prison, one created by U.S. laws and poverty. While in jail prisoners can be assigned jobs in which they get paid for, however, according to Prison Policy Initiative, in their article titled “How much do incarcerated people make?” this amount, on average, is as little as $0.33. Upon being released they are given practically nothing, the government most of the time leaving them to fend for themselves. Just to make matters worse, most states allow employers to ask if the person being questioned for a job if they have a felony or not. If they lie they get fired immediately, however most employers don’t want an Ex-felon on the payroll so they will not hire them if they answer honestly.

This results in most felons to live their lives going in and out of prison to try and make ends meet. Prison is supposed to be a place for reform, however with the way things are it has become a trap, one in which if you enter there is very little hope of escape. Although crime is wrong at the end of the day we are all still people, and criminals are no exception. Not only this but the system in place right now puts the guards at huge risk. Reforming the only system we know is a scary topic, however, the changes that would come from it would help to better society as a whole.