My three great characters. Admisson Essay

Hi, my name is Gabriela Rivero Padron and I am defined as a smart, kind/nice and honest person. Since little my smartness has been a little above some people. In school and at home I have always been seen as the nice sweet kid, that will help you with any problems you might have. Lastly, I am extremely honest with everything. I will always tell you if I like it or not if it’s a good idea or not. I will never lie to you or anyone.

First of all, a good character trait that I have is being smart and responsible for my grades. I was born and raised in Ciego de Avila, Cuba until I was nine and moved to the U.S.A. I learned how to read and write by myself. I studied in Cuba from pre-k to third grade. When I was in first grade, I did a reading and math contest which I ended up being the only winner at my school for both categories. I had straight A's from 1st grade to third grade. Then I moved to the U.S.A without knowing any other word in English other than hello. I felt frustrated and sad because I couldn’t understand anything of what people were talking about. I managed to pass all quarters, I never got an F. In the last quarter of fourth grade I had As and B’s only and got a really high 2 in the reading FSA and a 3 in the math FSA. Then fifth grade started, I had great teachers that year. The first quarter I earned all As, the second three A's and two b's, the third one 3bs and two A's and the last quarter I had straight A’s again. In the 5th grade FSA, I got a 4 In my reading and a four in my math. I was then put into honors classes in 6th grade. I’ve managed to get straight A’s in all 3 quarters maintaining a 4.0 GPA. The fourth quarter hasn’t ended, but so far, I have straight As and I’m planning to earn 5 in all of my FSA’S. I would also like to mention that I’m doing 2 high school credit classes next year and possibly 3. I am also doing PQL language arts and civics during 7th grade. I have always turned my work in on time. Always studied for tests and cared about my grades. Now I feel happy because I’ve overcome so much in two years. As can be seen, I am a smart person and I am responsible for my grades.

Additionally, I consider myself as a nice/kind person. People will come up to me when they need help with anything because they know that I will never judge them and that I will be kind to them no matter what going on. I treat people the way that I want to be treated. I know that by being kind/ nice I will make someone’s day better. In my opinion, being nice/kind is one of the best characteristics people can have. Whenever I do something kind/nice to people always makes me feel happy/good. The way that people treat each other can affect lives. In summary, one of my best character traits is that I’m nice and kind. I can make people feel better

Lastly, one of the other great character traits that I have is that I am honest. Since little I have never lied to anyone. I have always given my honest opinion about everything. Being honest also means that I have respect for everyone. By being honest to people, I have won their respect and trust. My honesty has always caused admired behavior from other people. Telling the truth and backing it up with actions shows my desire to do what's right. Whenever I’m tempted to do something that isn’t right, the power of my honesty overcomes it. My honesty helps me keep a clear conscience and feeling good about myself. Today, I still keep being honest and not lying about anything. Clearly, I am honest which means that I respect everyone, and many people respect me.

In conclusion, three-character traits that I have are smartness and responsibility for my grades, kindness/niceness and honesty. These are good characteristic traits make me a great person to become a member of Forest Glen’s chapter of the Junior Honor Society (JHS). What do you think are good characteristics traits people should have?